MNQI PhD Day 2021
Journée Doctorale 2021 du Réseau Marocain de l'Information Quantique

Date: 18-12-2021 | 08:30 (GMT+1) [Ibn Tofail University-Kénitra]



The goal of MNQI PhD Day is to offer PhD students and young researchers, working on quantum science and technology, an opportunity to present current results in an effort to answer open challenges and advances across all subfields of quantum science and technology, including quantum information, quantum computing, and the other applications of quantum mechanics.

The PhD day is a chance for PhD students and young researchers to present research to their peers as well as to more experienced researchers.

The scope of the event covers:
➠ Quantum Communications and Quantum Cryptography.

➠ Quantum Metrology and Quantum Sensing.

➠ Quantum Correlations: characterization and quantification.

➠ Quantum Computing and Quantum Simulation.

➠ Quantum Networks and foundations of Quantum Physics.

➠ Physical Applications of Quantum Mechanics.

➠ Other topics that are closely connected to Quantum science and technology.


➲ This event is organized by the Moroccan Network of Quantum Information in partnership with the Laboratory of Materials and Subatomic Physics.

➲ Event coordinators: Mohammed Daoud and Mostafa Mansour.

➲Scientific Committee:
Dr. Rachid Ahl Laamara, FSR, Rabat
Dr. Mohamed Bennai, FSBM, Casablanca
Dr. Abdelkader Boulezhar, Fsac, Casablanca
Dr. Abderrahim El Allatti, UAE, Al-Hociema
Dr. Mohammed EL Falaki, UCD, El Jadida
Dr. El Hassan El Kinani, UMI, Meknes
Dr. Nabil Habiballah, UIZ, Aït Melloul
Dr. Bouzid Manaut, USMS, Béni Mellal
Dr. Mostafa Nassik, UIZ, Agadir
Dr. El Hassan Saidi, FSR, Rabat
Dr. Sanae Zriouel, USMS, Béni Mellal.

➲Local Organizing Committee:
Dr. CHAKIR El Mahjoub
Dr. GOUIGHRI Mohamed
Dr. MAROUFI Bouchra
Dr. TAYEBI Abderrahim
Dr. BLIYA Abdesslam